Full color version of the new book?

If you are following us on twitter you may have seen some recent tweets regarding our forthcoming book. Duncan (@duncanyb) and I have already started work on a new version of the HA and DRS Technical Deepdive. The new book will cover HA and DRS topics for the upcoming vSphere release. We are also aiming to include information about SIOC and Storage DRS in this version.

We received a lot of feedback about the vSphere 4.1 book, one of the main themes was the lack of color in the diagrams. We plan to use a more suitable grayscale color combination in the next version, but we wondered if our readers would be interested in a full color copy of the upcoming book.

Obviously printing costs increase with full color printing and in addition, low volume cost of color printing can be quite high. We expect the price of the full color version to cost around $50 USD – $55 USD.

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  1. Hans de Jongh

    March 24, 2011 at 13:31

    and a pdf version!:) thanks btw for the info through Jan 2 weeks ago about my cpu question…

  2. It would be awesome to get a PDF of the next one, and on that have color. So if needed we could reference it and also zoom in and out as the old book’s graphics were also a little fuzzy.

    Thanks for the great book!

  3. I would think that a Kindle version would be more important (and open up a wider audience) than a color version would. I made a rare exception to buy HA/DRS in paperback given that I try to buy Kindle books exclusively now as it’s just so much more convenient to have a library at my fingertips via my iPad.

    Food for thought?

  4. I agree. A PDF version in colour and a paper version in black and white.
    I think one of the great things about the current deepdive book is the low cost compared to many other virtualisation books out there.

  5. Chris Rendall

    March 24, 2011 at 19:07

    A color version available on the Kindle would be great!

  6. If we find a way to easily convert the “printed” version to ebook you can bet it will be released. However so far we have been unsuccessful.

  7. Annoyingly your book is not available as an e-book. This seems strange to me. How do you have an on-demand, virtual publishing process via CreateSpace, and not make the book available as an e-book? And why would you publish a book in December 2010 and not make it available as an e-book?

    E-books are far greener than physical books, obviously. No transport costs and no cutting down trees. Your costs are less, and therefore your profits are more. Explain, please?

    I am willing to pay you for the e-book. It is content that you already have, obviously. Let me know if you can work this out. I would be thrilled if so.

    BTW, the market is clearly voting in favor of e-books. The day of the physical book is over. Just an FYI.

  8. Jeff,

    It is not about money. It is about time. We don’t have the time to convert the book ourselves, it is as simple as that. As long as we haven’t found a mechanism to do this with minimal effort it won’t happen.

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