Announcing the vSphere Design Pocketbook Contributors

I am pleased to announce the availability of the Tweet-sized vSphere Design Considerations pocket guide at VMworld 2013. 01-coverToday 15 boxes full of the vSphere Design Pocketbook arrived at the office for distribution at VMworld 2013. The book looks great, the content even better. A lot of people from the community contributed to the book and when opening this book you will be treated to virtualization wisdom from every corner of this world.


Many asked during the selection process if we are going to share the selected authors and without further ado here they are:

Name Twitter Handle
Abdullah Abdullah @do0dzZZ
Alessandro Bruno @alexbindo
Alexandro Sousa @alex_vpro
Andrea Mauro @Andrea_Mauro
Andreas Lesslhumer @lessi001
Andy Daniel @vNephologist
Ather Beg @AtherBeg
Bas Raayman @basraayman
Ben King @benking84
Bobby Stampfle @bobbyfantast1c
Bonnie Bauder @bonniebauder
Carel Maritz @carelmaritz
Cedric Megroz @cmegroz
Charles Gautreaux @chuckgman
Chris Wahl @ChrisWahl
Christian @tecnoqinteressa
Cormac Hogan @vmwarestorage
David Stamen @iamddavee
Donny Parrott N/A
Doug Baer @dobaer
Duncan Epping @duncanYB
Eelco Kos @eelcokos
Eric Sloof @esloof
Frank Denneman @frankdenneman
Gabe Rosas @networkdojo
Jason Nash @TheJasonNash
Jon Owings @jon_2vcps
Jonthan Frappier @jfrappier
Josh Coen @joshcoen
Josh Odgers @josh_odgers
Kenneth van Ditmarsch @VirtualKenneth
Kevin Kirkpatrick @vN3rd
Kevin Monser @monser
Lieven D'hoore @ldhoore
Mario Mack @vMario156
Marko Drechsel @initin_de
Martijn Baecke @baecke
Massimiliano Mortillaro @darkkavenger
Matthew Puckett N/A
Neil Koch @neilkochAUS
Nick Anderson @speakvirtual
Paul Gifford @cloudcanuck
Prasenjit Sarkar @stretchcloud
Raymon Epping @repping
Riccardo Ventura @hypervise
Robert Edwards @bobbygedwards
Romain DECKER @woueb
Ronny Steiner @rooooonny
Sachin Bhowan @sbhowan
Sean Crookston @seancrookston
Simon Eady @simoneady
Sunny Dua @sunny_dua
Theo van Drimmelen @tdrim
Todd Mace @mctodd
Valentin Bondzio N/A
Vaughn Stewart @vstewed
Yury Magalif @YuryMagalif

Congratulations guys of making the book. We got an immense amount of responses and the selection process was quite difficult!
Today, a twitterlist will be added containing all the contributors allowing you to follow all the contributors in one easy click and benefit from all their wisdom they provide.

Availability of the book
If you would like a hardcopy of the book (and to meet some of the contributors), please swing by the PernixData Booth (#2011). It will be exclusively available there from 4pm to 5 pm every day.

Not at VMworld?
If you cannot make it to the PernixData booth, you can pre-order an electronic copy of the Vsphere Design book here.

Frank Denneman

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13 Responses

  1. *thrilled*

    Thanks and I am happy I was able to take part in this, really thanks =).

  2. Sunny Dua says:

    Absolutely Awesome... Thanks PernixData for making this possible!!

  3. Aravind says:

    Congrats everyone!! Thanks PernixData for sponsoring...

  4. Alexandro Sousa says:

    Hi Frank,
    I'm very proud to be in the list, thank you!

  5. Simon Eady says:

    Hi Frank!
    Very please and proud to have made it in the list, thank you!
    Big thanks to Pernix also!

  6. Bonnie Bauder says:

    Thanks for everyone's work on this and to PernixData! Thrilled to have made the cut!

  7. Yury Magalif says:

    Frank, the editorial team and PernixData,
    Thank you very much for picking my entry!
    I am ecstatic to be in the book.
    Yury Magalif

  8. Hi Frank, I'm very humbled to have made it onto the list, I hope these advices will be useful to all the virtualization and DC fans out there! Thanks to you and to PernixData!

  9. Josh Odgers says:

    Thanks for taking the initiative and putting together this book Frank, your a credit to the Virtualization community.
    Very pleased to have contributed to the book.

  10. Super Star 1st Line says:

    Can you make the PDF available for download please? We cannot all afford to go to VMworld, and cannot wait November, when VMworld Europe is over, to get our hands on this beauty.

  11. Gabe says:

    Also very ecstatic for my contribution to be included! Thanks for the effort!!

    " Today, a twitterlist will be added containing all the contributors allowing you to follow all the contributors in one easy click and benefit from all their wisdom they provide. "

    ^ Hoping this materializes, as I'd like to subscribe. The list that exists today only has a few folk from the beginning of the list 🙂

  12. Have you signed up for the pre-order

  13. Gabe says:

    Got lucky - A friend of mine, VMworld attendee gifted me a hard copy :D.
    Still very sad to see Frank's twitter list for this project is only the first 4 names or so (alphabetically), instead of the full 50ish - I went and found them and added them manually.