Homelab – Power-on your Supermicro system by SSH’ing into IPMI

Just a short article, recently I discovered you can access Supermicro IPMI via SSH and power on the system by using the command:

start /system1/pwrmgtsvc1

A nice short command that saves you a lot of time by eliminating the need to log in the webUI and wait until the app responds.


  1. This trick applies to most IPMI interfaces….. So others can use this trick too. The command to power up the server is slightly different but no harder depending on the vendor.

  2. if your platform supports it; skip the ssh all together and use ipmitool to power on

    ipmitool —H —v —I lanplus —U name —P password chassis power on

  3. Why so complicated?
    Just ssh into IPMI and send: ‘help power’ to see options for ‘power’ command.

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