Kindle Ebook Host Deep Dive Available

Funny enough I’ve just published an article announcing the major milestone of 4000 hard copies sold within the first month of release. I just received confirmation that the Kindle e-book version is available at the Amazon Kindle Store. It is scheduled to appear on various Amazon sites. Please check out your local Amazon for the best offer.

Amazon US
Amazon DE
Amazon NL
Amazon UK
Amazon India

The most popular e-book version of the cluster deep dive was Kindle, and therefore we focused on getting the Kindle e-book out as fast as possible. The professionals of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing created an awesome e-book version. Go check it out.


  1. Frank, if we purchased the hard copy I think we should get the e-book fit free as compliment. We shouldn’t have to pay by twice for the same book.

  2. Aw this doesn’t support Kinde MatchBook 🙁

  3. Is there a discount for paper edition users?

  4. Yu Mi, thanks for your comment. However, I don’t share your same thought, simply as the distribution methods are different. The e-book is distributed by the Amazon Kindle, each distribution is paid by the author and eats royalties. The book is priced extremely low, in order to cater everyone in the community. We spend over 700 hours on writing this book. We don’t force you to buy this book, it’s your choice whether you support us or not. Most printed books are 50 dollars, yet ours is 26. Most e-books are 30 to 40 dollars, yet ours is 9.99. A small price for a bundle of resources that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s roughly the same as going back to the car dealership and explaining that you need the blue version of the car for free, since you already bought a red one.

  5. Easy up Frank, I sense a little micro-aggression there.

    I take your point on the pricing, I own both hard copy and Kindle version anyway.

    Another thing, why hell are the diagrams in black and white in this day and age?

  6. Hi,

    Will the book will be release as PDF?


  7. Keith Bachman

    July 31, 2017 at 18:51

    At $39.98 USD total (Print + eBook) this is a steal for the amount of depth it goes into. If you’re using vSphere to effect any amount of improved efficiency, it’d pay for itself in no time.

    Just snagged the eBook, after getting the paper copy a month ago.

    Frank, thanks for writing such an in-depth guide! Hopefully its successful enough to justify releasing updated versions going forward!

  8. It’s released as a Kindle Ebook. The Kindle app is available on all major platforms and all mainstream devices.

  9. Thanks for your support. The diagrams are in gray-scale as the book is printed in black and white. The grayscale is designed to work well with the black and white print. Since most ebook readers are still black and white it made sense to invest the time in honing the content instead of developing a color-scheme for the ebook.

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