Author: Frank Denneman


VMware Cloud™ on AWS – A Closer Look

After a long time of keeping this silent, I can finally share a little bit what I've been focussing on at VMware. (This is a repost of content on Today, VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are announcing a strategic partnership providing the ability to run a full VMware...


I'm Coming Home

I'm excited to announce that I've accepted a position at VMware as Senior Staff Architect. I can't share the details of this next-level product that I will be working on right now. But I look forward to sharing more information when the time is right. I cannot wait to get...


NUMA Deep Dive Part 5: ESXi VMkernel NUMA Constructs

ESXi Server is optimized for NUMA systems and contains a NUMA scheduler and a CPU scheduler. When ESXi runs on a NUMA platform, the VMkernel activates the NUMA scheduler. The primary role of the NUMA scheduler is to optimize the CPU and memory allocation of virtual machines by managing the...