We are long time fascinated by the whole Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze in the USA. Unfortunately we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands and none of the shops are participating in something similar as Black Friday.
This year we thought it was a great idea to participate in some form and what better than to offer our vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deepdive e-book for a price you cannot resist. We just changed the price of the vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deepdive to $ 4.99 and 3.99 for our European friends. Yes that is correct…. Less than 5 dollars for over 350 pages of deepdive material.
What better way than recover from the madness of Black Friday and just sit back and relax reading this amazing piece of work? This is most definitely the deal of the year for all virtualization fanatics! Keep in mind that this is a limited offer, Tuesday the 29th the price will be back to “normal” again.
US – ebook – $ 4.99
UK – ebook – £ 3.99
DE – ebook – € 3.99
FR – ebook – € 3.99
Pick it up, tell your friends / colleagues / family about it… Here are some snippets from Amazon reviews, but with 15 extremely positive reviews, all of them 5 out of 5, you know you can’t go wrong:

“If you’re serious about VMware virtualization this book is a must have. Regardless of you responsibilities with a virtual infrastructure administrative, or from a architecture design stand point this book is for you. The level of knowledge and depth which Frank and Duncan cover in this book about the new clustering changes in vSphere 5 is priceless. The design tips and illustrations through the book are truly invaluable. There is no other book that gets into the core of all the different vSphere 5 cluster technologies like this one, ”
“Whether you are longing to know about the transition from AAM to FDM, best practices for DRS and DPM, or are just curious to know what those acronyms are this is a great book! The technical detail, practical advice, and comparative analysis throughout make this book one of the most thorough yet concise technical books available.”
“The book is clearly written, a special emphasis has been made on making it understandable even for professionals like me who use vSphere daily yet do not manage huge production environments. The book goes to great lengths to explain all possible scenarios and I found answers to all my questions. Not only sections cover HOW the technology works, but the authors go as far as explaining the way the algorithms are working, which will satisfy the curiosity of everyone.”
“The complete explanations provide the reader all of the information needed to make informed decisions about their environment with excellent diagrams to provide strong visual reinforcements.”

Please remember that we are offering the book for the price listed above, depending on your location Amazon might charge an additional cost!