#47 – How VMware accelerates customers achieving their net zero carbon emissions goal

In episode 047, we spoke with Varghese Philipose about VMware’s sustainability efforts and how they help our customers meet their sustainability...
26 sec read

#46 – VMware Cloud Flex Compute Tech Preview

We’re extending the VMware Cloud Services overview series with a tech preview of the VMware Cloud Flex Compute service. Frances Wong...
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VMware Cloud Services Overview Podcast Series

Over the last year, we’ve interviewed many guests, and throughout the Unexplored Territory Podcast show, we wanted to provide a mini...
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Research and Innovation at VMware with Chris Wolf

In episode 042 of the Unexplored Territory podcast, we talk to Chris Wolf, Chief Research and Innovation Officer of VMware, about...
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Discover what’s new in vSphere 8.0 U1 and vSAN 8.0 U1

We (the Unexplored Territory team) work with the vSphere release team to get you the latest information about the new releases...
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Unexplored Territory Ep 34 – William Lam Talks Home Labs – Christmas Special

It’s the end of the year, and everybody is winding down from a hectic year, so we wanted to give you...
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Unexplored Territory Podcast 32 – IT giving McLaren Racing the edge

Edward Green, Head of Commercial Technology at McLaren Racing, keynoted at the VMware Explore tech conference in Barcelona. I had the...
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Unexplored Territory Podcast EP30 – Project Keswick with Alan Renouf

While preparing the podcast, I knew this episode would be good. Edge technology immensely excites me, and the way the project...
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vSphere 8 and vSan 8 Unexplored Territory Podcast Double Header

This week we released two episodes covering the vSphere 8 and vSan 8 releases. Together with Feidhlim O’Leary, we discover all...
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Unexplored Territory – VMware Explore USA Special

This week Duncan and I attended VMware Explore to co-present the session “60 Minutes of Virtually Speaking Live: Accelerating Cloud Transformation.”...
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