It’s the end of the year, and everybody is winding down from a hectic year, so we wanted to give you some light stuff to listen to in our last episode. But William had other plans. He is on fire in this episode, dropping one gem after another, sharing a decade-long of home lab wisdom. We asked William what his top 10 home lab gifts would be, and he got gift ideas from stocking stuffers to full-blown systems. Listen via Spotify (, Apple (, or online (

Williams’ Christmas Top 10 Wishlist

Number 10: Velcro cable management

Number 09: Smart Power meter /UPS/ APC Surge Arrest

Number 08: Kubernetes for Administrators,  VDI Design Guide Part 2,  vSAN 7.0 U3 Deep Dive

Number 07: VMUG Advantage Membership

Number 06: Memory Upgrade (64GB memory on the Intel NUC)

Number 05: Thunderbolt Storage

Number 04: USB/Thunderbolt Networking

Number 03: 10GbE Switch (Netgear/Ubiquiti)

Number 02: Intel NUC Serpent Canyon / Supermicro E302-12D

Number 01: Raspberry Pi / Dell Precision 7770 

Articles and solutions discussed during the show:

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