Two weeks left before the biggest VMware show is happening again, and I can’t wait for it to start. The last eight years I’ve been going to both the US and European show, and both have their own charm. But there is one thing that every VMware community member should experience, and that is the US welcome reception in the solution exchange on Sunday night. Almost every attendee in one big room, the buzz is just phenomenal.
I recently joined Kit Colbert‘s team, the CTO of Cloud Platform business unit. In my new role, I work on upcoming products and influence their strategy. One project I focus on is how VMware can help customers to run Kubernetes successfully on vSphere. Please reach out to me at VMworld if you have ideas or feedback. Luckily I will be presenting a few sessions this year as well, and I hope to see you there:
vSphere Clustering Deep Dive, Part 1: vSphere HA and DRS
12:30 PM
The legendary session is back, Duncan and I talking about vSphere 6.7 HA and DRS. There is so much to tell, but we are hoping to keep some time open for some questions.
Deep Dive: The Value of Running Kubernetes on vSphere
3:30 PM
I’m so much looking forward to this session, together with Michael Gasch, our resident Kubernetes expert, and popular Kubecon speaker. In this session, we will go over the reasons why vSphere and Kubernetes are better together and provide you with some guidelines on how to successfully run your kubernetes environment.
Tech Preview: The Road to a Declarative Compute Control Plane
12:30 PM
I tweeted about every session on this list except this one. The reason why I had to keep quiet about this session is that we are showing some NDA stuff. In this session, Maarten Wiggers and I look at the changes that are happening in the industry. Most companies develop their strategic apps in-house, impacting the role of the VI-admin. We will go over the transformation from VI-admin to Site Reliability Engineering. With new technologies and different Life Cycle Management strategies, different ways of managing applications and infrastructure are necessary. We go over the changes from an infrastructure that responds to Imperative statements to an environment that is controlled by declarative statements. Within the software-defined data center (SDDC), VMware vSphere offers two declarative control planes: one for networking and one for storage. However, there is no declarative control plane for compute yet. We will tech preview the capabilities introduced in the VMware Cloud SDDC as a path to achieve that goal.
vSphere Host Resources Deep Dive: Part 3
2:00 PM
The third edition of the vSphere Host Resources Deep Dive. The vSphere platform is designed to run most workloads at near bare-metal performance. More than enough for more than 95% of the workload. But what if you need to squeeze out that last bit of performance? How can you do it and how will it impact the rest of the system? Please join Niels and me on Wednesday at 2:00 PM.