Machine Learning Workload and GPGPU NUMA Node Locality

In the previous article “PCIe Device NUMA Node Locality” I covered the physical connection between the processor and the PCIe device...
10 min read

NUMA Deep Dive Part 5: ESXi VMkernel NUMA Constructs

ESXi Server is optimized for NUMA systems and contains a NUMA scheduler and a CPU scheduler. When ESXi runs on a...
13 min read

Beating a dead horse – using CPU affinity

Lately the question about setting CPU affinity is rearing its ugly head again. Will it offer performance advantages for the virtual...
6 min read

AMD Magny-Cours and ESX

AMD’s current flagship model is the 12-core 6100 Opteron code name Magny-Cours. Its architecture is quite interesting to say at least....
1 min read

Impact of oversized virtual machines part 3

In part 1 of the series of post on the impact of oversized virtual machines NUMA architecture, memory overhead reservation and...
4 min read

Node Interleaving: Enable or Disable?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about this BIOS setting, I receive lots of questions on whether to enable...
1 min read

NUMA, Hyperthreading and NUMA.PreferHT

I received a lot of questions about Hyperthreading and NUMA in ESX 4.1 after writing the ESX 4.1 NUMA scheduling article....
3 min read

ESX 4.1 NUMA Scheduling

VMware has made some changes to the CPU scheduler in ESX 4.1; one of the changes is the support for Wide...
2 min read

Sizing VMs and NUMA nodes

Note: This article describes NUMA scheduling on ESX 3.5 and ESX 4.0 platform, vSphere 4.1 introduced wide NUMA nodes, information about...
5 min read