From the archives - An old Isometric diagram

While searching for a diagram I stumbled upon an old diagram I made in 2007. I think this diagram started my whole obsession with diagrams and to add “cleanness” to my diagrams.

This diagram depicts a virtual infrastructure located in two datacenters with replication between them. This infrastructure is no longer in use, but to make absolutely sure, I changed the device names into generic text labels such as ESX host, array, SW switch, etc. Back then I really liked to draw Isometric style. Now I’m more focused onto block diagrams and trying to minimalize the number of components in a diagram. In essence I follow the words from Colin Chapman: Simplify, then add lightness. But then applied to diagrams :)

The fact that this diagram is still stored on my system tells me that I’m still very proud of this diagram. So that made me wonder, which diagram did you design and are you proud of?

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  1. Dan Myers says

    That's great, very clean.
    Can you post an example of your block diagrams?

    I tend to color the blocks for separation ( shared edges ) for compact and clean. Not sure it's the best approach though.


  2. Terafirma says

    Very nice. Do you use Visio for all your diagrams? As I am yet to tame that program when it comes to drawing lines that stay in place and don't jump around.

  3. says

    For this diagram I used Visio, the key is to draw it in isometric perspective. Today you can download these isometric templates, which show you a proper isometric grid.
    You can use this grid as guideline for the connecting lines. has these isometric templates and 3d shapes.