After skipping both VMworld events in 2008 I’m attending the VMworld event in San Francisco. This is the first event after VMware released vSphere and I hope to see much in-depth information about the OS and it’s new features.  Duncan Epping  and Eric Sloof  posted info about interesting sessions, so I started browsing the session catalog as well.
The following sessions seems to be very interesting;
Session ID: BC1500
Title: vCenter SRM “Up and Running” – Best Practices & Avoiding the Pitfalls
Speaker: Lee Dilworth – VMware
Session ID: BC2541
Title: Re-architecting Backup and Recovery for Virtual Environments: Best Practices
Speaker: Chris Wolf – Burton Group
Session ID: BC2761
Title: ESX Networking for High Availability and Disaster Recovery
Speaker: Seva Semouchin – VMware
Session ID: BC2961
Title: VMware Fault Tolerance Architecture and Performance
Speaker: Krishna Raj Raja – VMware
Session ID: BC3197
Title: High Availability – Internals and Best Practices
Speaker: Marc Sevigny – VMware
Session ID: BC3301
Title: DR Architecture Design Workshop with SRM
Speakers: Andrew Hald & John Arrasjid – VMware
Session ID: BC3370
Title: VMware Fault Tolerance – Overview and Best Practices
Speaker: Lan Huang – VMware
Session ID: TA1394
Title: vSphere 4.0 Advanced Storage Log Analysis
Speaker: Mostafa Khalil – VMware
Session ID: TA2259
Title: Ask the Experts – Virtualization Design
Speakers: Duncan Epping, Tom Howarth, Scott Lowe, Rick Scherer, Chad Sakac
(Panel Session)
Session ID: TA2384
Title: Deploying Cisco Nexus 1000V in a VMware vSphere Environment
Speaker: Han Yang – Cisco
Session ID: TA2467
Title: Best Practices to Increase Availability and Throughput for the Future of VMware
Speaker: Chad Sakac – EMC
Session ID: TA2509
Title: Storage Best Practices for Scaling Virtualization Deployments
Speakers: Mostafa Khalil, Lucas Nguyen, Bob Slovick – VMware (Panel Session)
Session ID: TA2525
Title: VMware vSphere 4 Networking Deep Dive
Speaker: Srinivas Neginhal – VMware
Session ID: TA2627
Title: Understanding “Host” and “Guest” Memory Usage and Other Memory Management Concepts
Speakers: Fei Guo & Kit Colbert – VMware
Session ID: TA2731
Title: Tips for Planning and Upgrading to vSphere 4
Speaker: David Coligado – VMware
Session ID: TA2942
Title: Performance Best Practices
Speakers: Bhavjit Walha & Kaushik Banerjee – VMware
Session ID: TA2945
Title: What vStorage means to a vSphere administrator
Speaker: Adam Carter – HP
Session ID: TA2963
Title: Esxtop for advance users
Speakers: Krishna Raj Raja & Haiping Yang – VMware
Session ID: TA3406
Title: What is new for storage in vSphere 4.0
Speaker: Paul Manning – VMware
Session ID: TA3326
Title: Building an Internal Cloud-the Journey and the Details
Speakers: Mike DiPetrillo, Andrew Hald & John Arrasjid – VMware
Session ID: TA3603
Title: Getting The Most Out Of VMotion: EVC, Performance Tuning, and Troubleshooting
Speaker: Kit Colbert & Joel Baxter – VMware
Session ID: TA4341
Title: Virtual Network Performance
Speaker: Boon Seong Ang – VMware
Tip: Try to browse the intermediate session list as well,  I usually tend to browse the advanced session list only, but there are some very interesting sessions at the intermediate level.
See you at VMworld!