Last week VMware send out the invitations for the VCDX defend session at the Partner Exchange Las Vegas 2010. Like many others I’m trying to finish my application on time. So any help, shortcut and timesavers will help realize the goal. At this moment these tools and shortcuts save me lots of time:
Steve miller created a simple but awesome tool. Puretext will strip any formatting while pasting text. This IS the lifesaver for me at the moment, because I’m copying text from older documents with different Fonttype and size. Run the small exe file and start loving the windows key + v command.
Visio shapes
Besides using graphics from the official VMware Branding Team, I also use visio shapes from the Xtravirt Presentation Pack 2.1. (needs registration)
Visiocafe will offer some really sweet vendor shapes, this will make your presentation look even more impressive 🙂
Visio shortcuts:

Align Shapes: F8
Duplicate: CTRL + D
Group: CTRL + G
Ungroup: CTRL + Shift + U
Fill: F3
Line format: ALT O L (ALT O = letter o)
Pointer tool: CTRL + 1
Text tool: CTRL + 2
Line tool: CTRL + 6
Rectangle tool: CTRL + 8
Centre Text: CTRL+Shift+C
Bring to Front: CTRL+Shift_F
Actual size: CTRL + Shift + i
Whole page: CTRL + W

If you have a tip, please feel free to comment