Last week VMware send out the invitations for the VCDX defend session at the Partner Exchange Las Vegas 2010. Like many others Iā€™m trying to finish my application on time. So any help, shortcut and timesavers will help realize the goal. At this moment these tools and shortcuts save me lots of time:
Steve miller created a simple but awesome tool. Puretext will strip any formatting while pasting text. This IS the lifesaver for me at the moment, because Iā€™m copying text from older documents with different Fonttype and size. Run the small exe file and start loving the windows key + v command.
Visio shapes
Besides using graphics from the official VMware Branding Team, I also use visio shapes from the Xtravirt Presentation Pack 2.1. (needs registration)
Visiocafe will offer some really sweet vendor shapes, this will make your presentation look even more impressive šŸ™‚
Visio shortcuts:

Align Shapes: F8
Duplicate: CTRL + D
Group: CTRL + G
Ungroup: CTRL + Shift + U
Fill: F3
Line format: ALT O L (ALT O = letter o)
Pointer tool: CTRL + 1
Text tool: CTRL + 2
Line tool: CTRL + 6
Rectangle tool: CTRL + 8
Centre Text: CTRL+Shift+C
Bring to Front: CTRL+Shift_F
Actual size: CTRL + Shift + i
Whole page: CTRL + W

If you have a tip, please feel free to comment