This week Eric Siebert processed all the votes and published this year’s Top 25 VMware/Virtualization Blogger list. Over 700 people voted, each casting 10 votes. I can only imagine the work involved that is put in to producing this list, so a big thank you goes out to Eric for voluntary organizing this! Awesome! This year a lot of new names entered the top 25 including my blog. I never ever expected to see my name published in the top 25. I’m truly honored to make it to the list, let alone be voted number #14 so I would like to thank everyone for voting for me! I really appreciate it!
Congratulations to all other people mentioned in the list and I would like to congratulate Duncan Epping specifically for taking the number 1 place again this year. The top 25 as published by Eric Siebert on vSphere-land:

1 Yellow Bricks Duncan Epping
2 Virtual Geek Chad Sakac
3 Scott Lowe
4 Eric Sloof
5 Mike Laverick
6 Jason Boche
7 VM/etc Rich Brambley
8 Gabrie van Zanten
9 virtualstorageguy Vaughn Stewart
10 Alan Renouf
1 1 virtualization-pro Various
12 Eric Gray
13 Rick Scherer
14 Frank Denneman
15 Dave Lawrence
16 Tom Howarth
17 The Slog Simon Long
18 Various
19 Mike D’s Blog Mike DiPetrillo
20 Hany Michael
21 Simon Seagrave
22 Forbes Guthrie
23 Pivot Point Scott Drummonds
24 TechnoDrone Maish Saidel-Keesing
25 Chris Wolf

A new home
Being voted one of the top 25 bloggers, puts a lot of pressure on one. I hope to continue blogging articles people find interesting. And to make a good start, moved to