Eric Siebert of started a new election of the best 20 bloggers in the VMware and Virtualization scene. Because even more top blogs got started in 2009, Eric decided to expand the top 20 to the top 25.
To my suprise, Eric decided to nominate my blog as well. I’m really honored to be a nominee amongst the best virtualization bloggers out there. Unfortunately the list Eric is longer that the 10 votes one can cast, so good luck picking the ones who stand out above the excellent crowd.
This is my top 10 blogs;
Duncan Epping
Chad Sakac
Kenneth van Ditmarsch
Alan Renouf
Scott Lowe
Scott Drummonds
Hypervizor (Hany Michael)
Arnim van Lieshout
Arne Fokkema
Gabe Virtual world.
Go vote now before it’s too late!