Maybe you already seen the tweets flying by, seen the posts on Facebook or just heard it at the water cooler but we finally published the eBook (Kindle) version of the HA and DRS deepdive book. Duncan has the low down on how the eBook came to life:
We know that many who wanted the eBook bought the paper version instead so we decided to make it cheap and are offering the book for only $7.50.
Please be aware that Amazon is using a regional price scheme, so orders outside the US pay a bit more. However, Marcel van den Berg (@marcelvandenber) posted a workaround how to save some money.
Disclaimer: we do guarantee this works and won’t support this in any form.
So without further ado we present: vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS technical deepdive,. Pick it up.
Duncan & Frank
PS: it is also available in the UK Kindle Store for £5.36.