VMworld 2011 session voting opened a week ago and there a still a few days left to cast your vote. About 300 in-depth sessions will be presented at VMworld this year and this year two sessions are submitted in which I participate. Both sessions are not the typical PowerPoint slide sessions, but are based on interaction with the attending audience.
TA 1682 – vSphere Clustering Q&A
Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman will answer any question with regards to vSphere Clustering in this session. You as the audience will have the chance to validate your own environment and design decisions with the Subject Matter Experts on HA, DRS and Storage DRS. Topics could include for instance misunderstandings around Admission Control Policies, the impact of limits and reservations on your environment, the benefits of using Resource Pools, Anti-Affinity Rules Gotchas, DPM and of course anything regarding Storage DRS. This is your chance to ask what you’ve always wanted to know!
Duncan and I conducted this very successful session at the Dutch VMUG. Audience participation led to a very informative session where both general principles and in-depth details were explained and misconceptions where addressed.
TA1425 – Ask the Expert vBloggers
Four VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX) On Stage! Are you running a virtual environment and experiencing some problems? Are you planning your companies’ Private Cloud strategy? Looking to deploy VDI and have some last minute questions? Do you have a virtual infrastructure design and want it  blessed by the experts? Come join us for a one hour panel session where your questions are the topic of discussion! Join the Virtualization Experts, Frank Denneman (VCDX), Duncan Epping (VCDX), Scott Lowe (VCDX) and Chad Sakac, VP-VMware Alliance within EMC, as they answer your questions on virtualization design. Moderated by VCDX #21, Rick Scherer from VMwareTips.com
Many friends of the business have submitted great sessions and there are really too many to list them all, but there is one I would want to ask you to vote on and that is the ESXi Quiz Show.
A 1956 – The ESXi Quiz Show
Join us for our very first ESXi Quiz Show where teams of vExperts and VMware engineers will match expertise on technical facts, trivia related to all VMware ESXi and related products. You as the audience will get 40% of the vote. We will cover topics around ESXi migration, storage, networking security, and VMware products. As an attendee of this session you will get to see the experts battle each other. For the very first time at VMworld you get to decide who leaves the stage as a winner and who does not.
This can become the most awesome thing that ever hit VMworld. Can you think about the gossip, the hype and the sensation will introduce during VMworld? As Top vExperts, bloggers, VMware engineers and the just the lone sys admin (no not you Bob Plankers 😉 ) compete with each other. Will the usual suspect win or will there be upsets? Who will dethrone who? Really I think this will become the hit of VMworld 2011 and will be the talk of the day at every party during the VMworld week.
Session Voting is open until May 18, the competition is very fierce and it’s very difficult to choose between the excellent submitted sessions, however I would like to ask your help and I hope you guys are willing to vote on these three sessions.