Now for something completely different, a tip how to extend your life with about 5 years – or how to remove the horizontal bar in the footer of a word document.
Unfortunately I have to deal with the mark-up of word documents quite frequently and am therefor exposed to the somewhat unique abilities of the headers and footers feature of MS-Word. During the edit process of the upcoming book, Word voluntarily added a horizontal bar to my footer. Example depicted below.

However word doesn’t allow you to highlight and select a horizontal bar and therefor cannot be easily removed by pressing the delete button.
This means you have to explore the fantastic menu of word.
To remove the bar:
1. Open the footers section, by clicking in that area in the document.
2. Go to menu option Format
3. Borders and Shading
4. The borders and shading menu shows the line that miraculous appeared in my footer, by selecting the option None at the right side of the window it removes the horizontal bar from the footer.

5. Click OK
I hope this short tip helps you to keep the frustration to a minimum.