We are long time fascinated by the whole Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze in the USA. Unfortunately we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands and none of the shops are participating in something similar as Black Friday.
Similar to last year, we thought it was a great idea to participate in some form and what better than to offer our vSphere 5.1 Clustering Technical Deepdive book for a price you cannot resist. We just changed the price of the vSphere 5.1 Clustering Technical Deepdive to $17.95, Amazon Deutschland is offering the book for 16.00 EURO, while Amazon UK is selling the book for 11.01 Pounds sterling.
The book has some amazing reviews, here is one we like to share with you:

The book contains information critical to VMware administrators. Clustering is a critical technology, and the book covers the underlying concepts as well as the practical issues surrounding implementation. The information contained within will be important far past vSphere 5.1; the principles will apply for decades, and even the details of implementation are unlikely to change dramatically over the next few generations of the product. As with any good “deep dive,” the fundamental concepts discussed will ultimately help you in any clustering situation, even with non-VMware products.
From a reading comprehension standpoint, the book is easy to grok. The information flows quickly and you can read the entire work cover to cover with relative ease. This is a must have for any systems administrator.

What better way than recover from the madness of Black Friday and just sit back and relax reading this amazing piece of work? This is most definitely the deal of the year for all virtualization fanatics!
Duncan and Frank