DRS threshold 1 does not initiate Load balancing vMotions

vSphere 7.0 introduces DRS 2.0 and its new load balancing algorithm. In essence, the new DRS is completely focused on taking...
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New whitepaper available on vSphere 7 DRS Load Balancing

vSphere 7 contains the new DRS algorithm that differs tremendously from the old one. The performance team has put the new...
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vSphere 7 DRS Scalable Shares Deep Dive

You are one tickbox away from completely overhauling the way you look at resource pools. Yes you can still use them...
8 min read

DRS Migration Threshold in vSphere 7

DRS in vSphere 7 is equipped with a new algorithm. The old algorithm measured the load of each host in the...
4 min read

vSphere 6.5+ DRS Pairwise Balancing

Or maybe I should have called this blog post, “I’m seeing an excessive number of DRS initiated vMotions on my newly upgraded...
2 min read

Resource Pools and Sibling Rivalry

One of the most powerful constructs in the Software Defined Data Center is the resource pool. The resource pool allows you...
3 min read

New Fling: DRS Entitlement

I’m proud to announce the latest fling; DRS entitlement. This fling is built by the performance team and it provides insight...
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Virtually Speaking Podcast #67 Resource Management

Two weeks ago Pete Flecha (a.k.a. Pedro Arrow) and John Nicholson invited me to their always awesome podcast to talk about...
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vSphere 6.5 DRS and Memory Balancing in Non-Overcommitted Clusters

DRS is over a decade old and is still going strong. DRS is aligned with the premise of virtualization, resource sharing...
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KB 2104983 explained: Default behavior of DRS has been changed to make the feature less aggressive

Yesterday a couple of tweets were in my timeline discussing DRS behavior mentioned in KB article 2104983. The article is terse...
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