The year 2009 has been an interesting year. After leaving a long-term position, I participated in some really awesome projects, got to fiddle around with the cutting edge technology and got to work with some really excellent and inspiring people.
Begin August I got an e-mail from Duncan Epping If I would like to do some contractors work for VMware. As you can imagine, it didn’t take me long to respond with a Font size 72 YES. (Do you know you can make text blink in word?)
After completing a few project VMware offered me a permanent job, being a contractor for 9 years made the decision a bit tougher, but getting such a job offer is something you can hardly refuse.
Working with the best of the business, being able to access internal information and getting exposed to all the new stuff VMware is creating is just plain awesome. So on the 4th of January I will be joining VMware as the new Senior PSO Consultant.