This is a complete repost of the article written by Duncan, as all publications about this book must be checked by VMware Legal, he wrote one article and speaks for the both of us.
Over the last couple of months Frank Denneman and I have been working really hard on a secret project. Although we have spoken about it a couple of times on twitter the topic was never revealed. Months ago I was thinking about what a good topic would be for my next book. As I already wrote a lot of articles on HA it made sense to combine these and do a deepdive on HA. However a VMware Cluster is not just HA. When you configure a cluster there is something else that usually is enabled and that is DRS. As Frank is the Subject Matter Expert on Resource Management / DRS it made sense to ask Frank if he was up for it or not… Needless to say that Frank was excited about this opportunity and that was when our new project was born: VMware vSphere 4.1 – HA and DRS deepdive.
As both Frank and I are VMware employees we contacted our management to see what the options were for releasing this information to market. We are very excited that we have been given the opportunity to be the first official publication as part of a brand new VMware initiative, codenamed Rome. The idea behind Rome along with pertinent details will be announced later this year.
Our book is currently going through the final review/editing stages. For those wondering what to expect, a sample chapter can be found here. The primary audience for the book is anyone interested in high availability and clustering. There is no prerequisite knowledge needed to read the book however, the book will consist of roughly 220 pages with all the detail you want on HA and DRS. It will not be a “how to” guide, instead it will explain the concepts and mechanisms behind HA and DRS like Primary Nodes, Admission Control Policies, Host Affinity Rules and Resource Pools. On top of that, we will include basic design principles to support the decisions that will need to be made when configuring HA and DRS.
I guess it is unnecessary to say that both Frank and I are very excited about the book. We hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it. Stay tuned for more info, the official book title and url to order the book.
Frank and Duncan