During a conversation the idea of an audiobook of the HA and DRS book spawned. Within a couple of minutes, I found the following in my inbox….
Once a tiny little vm found himself in a big bad cluster filled with big vm’s……
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, set down your high shares!
Then the admin installed the LittleBoyBlue patch on the Dike server, and plugged the memory leak.
Odysseus set a CPU limit on the Cyclops-VM so low that Cyclops couldn’t even see. “Who are you?” yelled the Cyclops. Odysseus replied, “My name is No One!” When the Cyclops complained to the Scheduler, it asked, “Who has limited you so badly?” “No One has!” replied the Cyclops…. (BTW who makes a creature with one eye? What a horrible single point of failure to bake into your design!)
But the third little VM had his very own Resource Pool, and he huffed and he puffed and he outcompeted the much bigger VMs who were all sharing their Resource Pool shares…
Just let’s focus on publishing an ebook first…..