We lowered the price of the vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS technical Deepdive book permanently. As of this week you can obtain one of the coolest books in the virtualization section at Amazon for only $19.95. 30 5-star reviews couldn’t be wrong. Here is just a random selection of two of those 5-star reviews:

B. Riley: The term “deepdive” is regularly abused in the technology world these days. There’s nothing more disheartening than walking into a one hour session at a conference entitled deepdive, and finding out that it’s neither deep, nor a dive. It ends up being more like sitting in a couple inches of warm water in a plastic kiddie pool.
When these guys say deepdive, they mean it. This book is packed with helpful information from the first, to the last page. Somehow, they even manage to read minds. They know what you’re thinking as a VMware administrator, and they’ll tell you the why, and the best practice.
Lots of books have good overviews of HA and DRS, but none goes as deep as this. It’s very well-written, and highly recommended for anyone who is running, or thinking about running an HA/DRS environment.
This book is, as Jeremy Clarkson would say, “absolutely brilliant”!

Chris Dearden: Ever had a series of discombobulated thoughts and ideas that have suddenly clicked into place & the plans come into focus? That’s exactly what happened when I read Frank & Duncan’s book. Even though I have a fair few years experience with Enterprise virtualisation , my knowledge of what’s deeply under the covers of the availability options of vSphere was made up of blog posts I’d read , anecdotes from colleagues and a few slides from trainers. It was enough to get me by, but there was always that nagging feeling that I wasn’t fully in control of what was happening.
After reading the book ( in a morning – for a tech book it’s one that you can work though in a short amount of time and still get value from ) I had a real epiphany / light bulb moment / matrix moment / and all of those concepts and ideas suddenly had a deeper meaning and the big picture was visible. For anyone who thinks they know about HA / DRS : read this and *really* know about it.

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