Today my second white paper, VMware vSphere Storage DRS Interoperability, is made available for download at the Technical Resource Center at
This white paper presents an overview of best practices for customers considering the implementation of VMware vSphere Storage DRS in combination with advanced storage device features or other VMware products. This document zooms in on Storage DRS interoperability with array based features, such as Auto-Tiering, Thin provisioning, Depulication but also explains VMware products such as Snapshots. A small preview:
VMware vSphere Snapshots
Storage DRS supports virtual machine snapshots. By default, it collocates them with the virtual machine disk file to prevent fragmentation of the virtual machine. Also by default, Storage DRS applies a VMDK affinity rule to each new virtual machine. If it migrates the virtual machine to another datastore, all the files, including the snapshot files, move with it. If the virtual machine is configured with an inter-VMDK affinity setting, the snapshot is placed in the directory of its related disk and is moved to the same destination datastore as when migrated by a Storage vMotion operation.
VMware supports the use of vSphere snapshots in combination with Storage DRS.

Go and download it here: