One of the benefits of working for VMware technical marketing, is that you have your own lab.
Luckily my lab is hosted by an external datacenter, which helps me avoid a costly power-bill at home each month 🙂 However, that means I need to connect to my lab remotely.
As a MAC user I used Remote Desktop Connection for MAC from Microsoft. One of the limiting factors of this RDP for MAC is the limited resolution of 1400 x 1050 px. The screens at home have a minimum resolution 2560 x 1440 px. This first world problem bugged me until today!
Today I found CoRD – CoRD allows me to connect to my servers with a resolution 2500 x 1600, using the full potential of my displays at home.
Another create option is the hotkey function, using a key combination I spin up a remote desktop connection. I love these kinds of shortcuts that help me reduce time spend navigating throughout the UI.
If you are using a MAC and often RDP into your lab, I highly recommend to download CoRD.
Btw, it’s free 😉