My old technical marketing team of VMware is looking for someone to cover resource management. If you have a passion for resource management of virtual infrastructures and like to help VMware’s field personnel, partners and customers understand the technology then this job might be something for you.
A large part of my role was bridging between engineering, product management, product marketing and the field / customers. Provide information to the R&D side of VMware how the products are used and what features customers are requesting. You create collateral in every way or form to help the customer and field personnel understand and adopt the features.
I always enjoyed working with the different teams at VMware. The cloud resource management and vMotion team are an awesome group to work with. Be prepared to deep dive with these guys Marianas trench style. Having a customer facing background helps you provide the team valuable information to align the features to the customer wishes.
In this role you assist product marketing and product management in achieving their tactical and strategic plans.
Besides working with the responsible engineering and product marketing teams you collaborate with your technical marketing colleagues. You have the ability to interact with guys such as Ken Werneberg, Cormac Hogan, Mike Foley, William Lam, Alan Renouf or Rawlinson Rivera on a daily basis.
If you have thorough understanding of the vMotion features, DRS, Storage DRS, SIOC and DPM and love to help customers adopt these features, then apply now!
Please note
Be aware that this is my former role and that I no longer work for VMware. Therefor I cannot answer any further inquiries. Please contact the VMware career team.