I’ve started to publish a series of articles about designing your vMotion network. This series has a strong focus on Multi-vMotion. One article somehow evolved into a series and therefor it’s lacking a table of contents. This page tries to provide a clear overview of the articles that shape and define the designing your vMotion network series, but also list a series of supporting articles.
Designing your vMotion network series:
Part 1 – Designing your vMotion network
Part 2 – Multi-NIC vMotion failover order configuration
Part 3 – Multi-NIC vMotion and NetIOC
Part 4 – Choose link aggregation over Multi-NIC vMotion?
Part 5 – 3 reasons why I use a distributed switch for vMotion networks
Supporting articles:
vSphere 5.1 vMotion deepdive
Limiting the number of concurrent vMotions
A primer on Network I/O Control
vMotion and EtherChannel, an overview of the load-balancing policies stack
How to setup Multi-NIC vMotion on a distributed vSwitch
Why is vMotion using the management network instead of the vMotion network?

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  1. If i setup multi-nic vmotion with 2 – 10GbE does that enable 16 concurrent vmotions? A I understand vmotion maximums allow for 8 concurrent vmotions with 10Gb link but I wasn’t sure if that grows with number of 10Gb links you provide as a vmotion network. Thanks for any help.

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