vSphere-land.com is running it’s annual Top 25 virtualization blog survey again and I’m really interested to see who are picked this year. Like previous year, some great bloggers disappear while other new great ones emerge. One guy I want to mention by name is Chris Colotti, his blog is a great source of information about vCloud Director. If you haven’t visited his blog yet, go do that right away!.
Last year I’ve been pretty busy writing, shaping, designing, wrestling with publishers in order to get our (@DuncanYB) book “vSphere 5 Clustering technical deepdive out to the public. This meant it cut down on research time, which resulted in a smaller number of blogs being released than previous years. So after seeing other people’s blog about their top 10, I was curious to see what I’ve done last year. The articles that are listed are the ones I’m proud of, spending a lot of time on researching them, but most of all, enjoyed the most writing them.
Storage DRS initial placement and datastore cluster defragmentation
Impact of Load Balancing on datastore cluster configuration
Partially Connected datastore clusters
Mem minfreepct sliding scale function
Upgrading vmfs datastores and Storage DRS
Multi NIC vMotion support in vSphere 5.0
Contention on lightly Utilized Hosts
Restart vCenter results in DRS load balancing
IP-HASH versus Load Based Teaming
Setting correct percentage of cluster resources reserved
AMD Magny Cours and ESX
Please take 5 minutes of your time and vote for your favorite blogger. I hope they will announce the winner like they did last year. 90 minutes of nerve wrecking but oh-so-enjoyable videoshow!
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