Frank Denneman is a Chief Technologist at VMware, primarily focusing on Machine Learning technology. He is an author of the vSphere host and clustering deep dive series, podcast host for the Unexplored Territory podcast, and you can follow him on Twitter @frankdenneman.


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My first lefthand ISCSI VI architecture

I’m currently reviewing a design of a new virtual infrastructure. The VI uses multiple 10GB links to connect to a very large HP Lefthand...
1 min read

Increasing the queue depth?

When it comes to IO performance in the virtual infrastructure one of the most recommended “tweaks” is changing the Queue Depth (QD). But most...
3 min read

HP CA and the use of LUN balancing scripts

Some of my customers use HP Continuous Access to replicate VM data between storage arrays. Lately a couple of LUN balancing powershell- and Perl...
4 min read