Frank Denneman is a Chief Technologist at VMware, primarily focusing on Machine Learning technology. He is an author of the vSphere host and clustering deep dive series, podcast host for the Unexplored Territory podcast, and you can follow him on Twitter @frankdenneman.


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VMworld 2009 sessions

After skipping both VMworld events in 2008 I’m attending the VMworld event in San Francisco. This is the first event after VMware released vSphere and I hope...
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Flex10 update

In my first post I had a question about the path data travels when sent to a “standby” virtual connect module. To quote my...
1 min read

Windows 2008 disk alignment

Due to many performance studies about disk performance it is well known that disk alignment for both VMFS partitions and NTFS file systems improve...
3 min read

Flex-10 lessons learned

One of my clients bought a couple of HP blade c7000 enclosures recently. Including the new dual port Flex-10 mezzanine cards (nc532m) and Flex-10...
4 min read

VMFS Volume Management document

VMware published an excellent document about VMFS volume management a few days ago. VMware® VMFS Volume Management information guide The guide explains the VMFS...
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My first lefthand ISCSI VI architecture

I’m currently reviewing a design of a new virtual infrastructure. The VI uses multiple 10GB links to connect to a very large HP Lefthand...
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Increasing the queue depth?

When it comes to IO performance in the virtual infrastructure one of the most recommended “tweaks” is changing the Queue Depth (QD). But most...
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HP CA and the use of LUN balancing scripts

Some of my customers use HP Continuous Access to replicate VM data between storage arrays. Lately a couple of LUN balancing powershell- and Perl...
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