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Training vs Inference – Network Compression

This training versus inference workload series provides platform architects and owners insights about ML workload characteristics. Instead of treating deep neural...
8 min read

Training vs Inference – Numerical Precision

Part 4 focused on the memory consumption of a CNN and revealed that neural networks require parameter data (weights) and input data...
9 min read

Training vs Inference – Memory Consumption by Neural Networks

This article dives deeper into the memory consumption of deep learning neural network architectures. What exactly happens when an input is...
11 min read

vSphere 7 Cores per Socket and Virtual NUMA

Regularly I meet with customers to discuss NUMA technology, and one of the topics that are always on the list is...
4 min read

Project Monterey and the need for Network Cycles Offload for ML Workloads.

VMworld has started, and that means a lot of new announcements. One of the most significant projects VMware is working on...
2 min read

PCIe Device NUMA Node Locality

During this Christmas break, I wanted to learn PowerCLI properly. As I’m researching the use-cases of new hardware types and workloads...
6 min read

Basic Terminologies Large Language Models

Many organizations are in the process of deploying large language models to apply to their use cases. Publically available Large Language...
10 min read

Sub-NUMA Clustering

I’m noticing a trend that more ESXi hosts have Sub-NUMA Clustering enabled. Typically this setting is used in the High-Performance Computing...
10 min read

Solving vNUMA Topology Mismatch When Migrating between Dual Socket Servers and Quad Socket Servers

I recently received a few questions from customers migrating between clusters with different CPU socket footprints. The challenge is not necessarily...
3 min read

Home Lab Fundamentals: DNS Reverse Lookup Zones

When starting your home lab, all hints and tips are welcome. The community is full of wisdom, yet sometimes certain topics...
5 min read