vSphere Design Pocketbook 3 cover

vSphere Design Pocketbook v3 – The authors

I’m pleased to announce the authors of the upcoming version of the vSphere Design Pocketbook. The community responded to the call of entries with brilliant articles and tweets and as you can imagine it was difficult to make a selection. From the crazy amount of entries we selected the articles...



I’m playing around with PernixData Architect and the numbers I saw today are interesting for all, but especially for your home lab user. I’m rebuilding my lab and up till now only an Active Directory server (Win2012), a PernixData Management server and the vCenter appliance (vSphere 6) are running in...

PernixData Architect For Microsoft SQL Server white paper

PernixData Architect For Microsoft SQL Server white paper

Introduction The I/O characteristics of Microsoft SQL Server change constantly. Their dependence on several factors such as the usage period (business hours, end of quarter, end of year), user operations (business transactions, report generation, backup), specific version of the software, hardware and OS platforms makes shifting behavior inevitable. Designing a...